CAPD Lace Remover

CAPD Lace Remover

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CAPD Lace Remover is the best lace glue remover safely and easily remove lace glue without damaging your hair, skin when removing your lace wig. Quickly and conveniently in minutes lift the wig off.


1. Spray along the hairline on top of the lace.

2. Allow sitting for 1-5 minutes

3. Gently massage product into Lace/hairline.

4. Gently lift the lace from the skin 

5. Clean the skin thoroughly without scrubbing to avoid irritation

6. Shampoo Lace for future install

Ingredients :

Hydrocarbon, organic wetting agents, limonenes, lanolin

Please read the ingredients and do a patch test preferably in an inconspicuous area prior to use. Discontinue use if irritation. Avoid getting into the eyes or mouth. 

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